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From pig owners to lords and ladies

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When the housekeeper heard this, he was stunned. The following day, borrow the time that sends young master of Ma Dao to go out, housekeeper asked stealthily: "Young master, you get up so early today, what is this going to do?" Madao got up so early today that he didn't even have breakfast and was ready to go out. This is very rare in the past, after all, Master Madao is a person who pays so much attention to food. Ma Dao straightened his clothes, and he was a little sad at the thought that his clothes would be covered with the stink of pigs. Such a beautiful dress will soon be ruined, sad. But the thought of being able to eat Miss Mollie's food made him squawk with joy. Good food, here I come. After hearing the housekeeper's question, Ma Dao blurted out: "Shovel pig dung!" The housekeeper's frightened face: "!" Is it true what the servant said?! Looking at the back of the horse road, the housekeeper took a heavy step to see the master. Pulling the master's sleeve, he wept bitterly: "Master!"! I'm incompetent! Didn't take good care of Master Madao! It's all my fault. I'm so useless! "What happened?" The master asked in shock? My loyal steward? Housekeeper continues to shed tears,industrial racking systems, sad way: "Ma Dao young master, he, he liked to shovel pig dung!" Lord He put his hand over his head and his face was pale. "Is this true?" The housekeeper's lips trembled. "Really!" The master looked out of the window at a small tree, tears in the corner of his eyes: "I didn't expect that the horse road should.." Alas! Ma Dao did not know that the housekeeper and his father had defined him as a strange man with a special hobby. At this time, he was taking a heavy step to shovel pig manure. When he saw Molly's farm from a distance,heavy duty metal racking, his heart was filled with grief and indignation. That's too much! That's too much! Shovel pig manure? Why would he, a noble young master, do such a thing! Is he capable of doing such an inferior thing? This is too much! Although the heart is so think, but the horse road still does not hesitate to go forward, even the pace of the foot is also unconsciously accelerated. What kind of food will Miss Mollie cook today? Hey, hey, hey, I'm looking forward to it. Molly got up early today and had only simple white bread for breakfast. Today's breakfast was so simple that Shanna and George thought it was a little strange. Because before that, Molly's breakfast was delicious, and suddenly it became low-key, push back racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, which was unacceptable for a while. Mollie yawned and ate the white bread. The white bread is made of finely sifted wheat flour and tastes a bit like steamed bread, with a little honey in it, which tastes good. Let's start with white bread today. I'm a little tired today and I don't want to make other food. Shanna and George cleverly took the white bread and said, "The farmer, remember to have a good rest!"! Don't be too tired! Molly looked at George's little face and touched his hand without restraint. George was a little stiff. The good farmer touched him. My God, how can he show it! Would you like a smile back? Or thank the farmer! What should I do? I'm in a panic! Finally, George, who was very confused in his mind, somehow held up the white bread. "Farmer, please eat the white bread!" Molly was stunned for a moment and burst out laughing. Only then did George realize that he had returned the white bread given by the farmer. It's so embarrassing. Molly Ai looked at Locke's embarrassed appearance, feeling particularly cute, and could not help laughing. When Ma Dao came quietly, what he saw was such a happy picture. He looked at the white bread in Mollie's hand and his mouth watered. Miss Mollie's white bread. Oh, it must be delicious! It must be different from those sexy white buns out there! Molly Ai saw the horse road in the distance and raised her eyebrows. "Why are you here again?"? Shovel pig manure? Come on, the shovel is yours! Ma Dao coyly walked up to Mollie and quietly pulled Mollie's sleeve. "Well, Miss Mollie, can I have some white bread?" The little girl hung her head shyly and swayed gently.
We have to get some food before the Duke comes! Molly Ai is cold and heartless: "Let go!" You're not George Cutie. What are you doing hanging around? The merciless hand knife splits vigorously, the horse road suddenly a wail, he feels the back of his hand burning pain. Not even a piece of white bread? Shocked face. Molly: Didn't you eat a little steamed pork with rice flour and braised pork in brown sauce yesterday? What are you doing now? Do you really like shoveling pig manure? It's hard to understand why the young man's preferences are so strange. At the mention of shoveling pig dung, Ma Dao felt sad. Where is he willing! It was forced by the Duke and Mollie! But for the sake of food, he had to lie against his conscience: "Yes, I like it!" " Molly opened her mouth slowly. "Wow!"! It's incredible! Ma Dao's heart is full of tears: "Yes, I just like shoveling pig manure, shoveling pig manure makes me happy!" " Bah, who the *** likes shoveling pig shit! Nonsense. Mollie looked at the horse and marveled. I didn't expect Ma Dao to have such a hobby. I can't see it. Shanna, give the shovel to the horse and grant him this little wish! Shanna looked sympathetically at the horse and said, "Come on!"! Horse Road! When Shanna lived in the viscount, she often shoveled pig dung, but she was extremely reluctant to do it, and now, an aristocratic boy like Madao was able to put aside the secular evaluation of him and do it! This, is really too let a person feel admire! Shanna's eyes were full of adoration as she looked at the horse path! "… … …" said the horse. I always feel that there is something wrong, but I just can't say it. Ma Dao rubbed his hands pitifully. "Well,heavy duty rack manufacturers, can I have a piece of white bread?" A little humble. Mollie gave Ma Dao a piece of white bread. Ma Dao was ecstatic and had a smile on his face. The next moment, he immediately fed the white bread into his mouth. With one bite, Madao marveled at Mollie's craftsmanship.


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