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Later, there was news that the provincial governor Pi yuande was assassinated, and Fan Dongju took over as the military governor. The magistrate of Lanxi County thought that the Yingyang Army was going to clean up the officialdom of Qizhou, but he was scared half to death. As a result, he saw that Yang Lu Sa did not move, and he was gradually relieved. After several days of contact, Lanxi County Magistrate finally believed that the Eagle Yang Army had no malice towards Qizhou. They only stayed temporarily. Once the time was ripe, they would enter the capital to protect His Majesty the Emperor and act as His Majesty's imperial guards. Folk rumors always spread quickly and often out of shape. One day when Yang Lu Sa woke up, there was already a rumor outside that His Majesty the Emperor had ordered the Eagle Yang Army to change into the imperial guards, responsible for conquering the four princes. Rumors are well-organized, even Yang Lu Sa can not help but believe two points. Later, I naturally knew it was a rumor. Of course, rumors are rumors, rumors are rumors, no matter how the outside world evaluates the Eagle Yang Army, but Yang Lu Sa is absolutely the most perfect man in the eyes of the people of Lanxi. He is tall and handsome. Gentle and decent, polite, skilled in riding and archery, won the favor of the military governor of Yingyang, the future is limitless, such a person with both wisdom and courage, it is really can be met but not sought! More importantly, such a perfect character. There is no marriage yet. Don't you think this is a great gift that God has deliberately given to the people of Lanxi? As a result, less than three days after Yang Lu-sa came to Lanxi, several ladies in Lanxi County suffered from lovesickness collectively. Their parents, under the banner of contacting the Eagle Army, frequently invited Yang Lu-sa to attend various banquets to introduce their daughters to Yang Lu- sa. For a moment. All kinds of gossip filled the whole Lanxi, all of them were Yang Lu Sa and those ladies. Some people said in all sincerity and seriousness that Yang Lu-sa had made a private engagement with the young lady of the Wang family for life, others said in all sincerity and seriousness that Yang Lu-sa had made a solemn pledge of love with the young lady of the Zhou family, and others came out to get rid of it,automated warehouse systems, saying that the young ladies of the He family had already had a cup of wine with Yang Lu- sa. If the young ladies of the Wangs and Chous get married. Can only be a concubine, and so on. It even spread to Qizhou and became the talk of Qizhou people after dinner. What's more, there are some rumors with ulterior motives, saying that Yang Lu-sa has secretly stolen their red pills and coerced them all to commit themselves to marry themselves, or destroy her whole family. As for the true and false, the parties are closely guarded, eagle Yang army Jiedushi Liu Ding also ignored, the result of all kinds of rumors, spread even more outrageous. Generally speaking, Yang Lu-sa's image is very positive. The people of Lanxi all fell in love with this handsome young man at first sight. Whether he stole the red pills of the three young ladies or not, it did not affect the people's good impression of him. Many old people in Lanxi said that in the history of Lanxi, such a handsome and decent officer had never been seen before. It can be seen that this is a gift from God to Lanxi. After occasionally taking a look at Yang Lu Sa, the oldest old man in Lanxi told his younger generation in all sincerity and seriousness: "He will be the king in the future." With Yang Lu-sa as a bridge of close communication between the Yingyang Army and the people of Lanxi, the soldiers of the Flying Battalion were warmly welcomed by the people in Lanxi. Compared with Qizhou City, the life of Lanxi people is relatively solid, teardrop pallet racking ,radio shuttle racking, and many logistical problems of the flying camp can be solved on the spot. Flying camp to Lanxi people's impression is very good, they are disciplined, full of vitality, and before the Wuchang army is very different. They also speak kindly, buy and sell fairly, always buy things in cash, and there is no phenomenon of forced buying and selling. The original Wang Xianzhi, Huang Chao insurrectionary army passed by here, also not so good to the people, Lanxi people say, Liu Ding must be a change of temper. In addition to Yang Lu Sa, other officers of the Eagle Yang Army, generally very little contact with the people, if really need to contact with the local, usually appear to be more friendly, try to control their emotions. However, among the officers of the Eagle Yang Army, there are also people who make Lanxi County shudder, and there are also people who make Lanxi people stay away. This man is Liu Hu. The people of Lanxi County, up to the county magistrate, down to the beggar at the door, see Liu Hu appear, there is a kind of shudder feeling, if not very necessary, is absolutely unwilling to deal with Liu Hu.
Standing with Yang Lu Sa, there is a feeling of spring breeze, and standing with Liu Hu, but the cold wind, the feeling of lifeless. Liu Hu was originally one of the earliest members of Gui Yu Du. He was originally a miner. He was wounded because of his heroic fighting. After two or three months of self-cultivation, he slowly recovered. In fact, he has fully recovered in the second half of the year. He first went to the Yongzi Battalion, where he served as a brigade commander for a period of time and participated in the war in the Zhenhai area. Later, Yang Lu-sa formed a flying battalion, and Liu Hu was transferred to the flying battalion as a brigade commander. According to the unwritten rules of the Eagle Yang Army, the commander of the First Brigade is basically the deputy of the commander, so it can also be said that Liu Hu is now the second-in-command of the Flying Battalion. Because of the serious injury before, after Liu Hu recovered, he still left many scars on his body, especially the scars on his face, crisscrossing, ferocious and dazzling, which made the people of Lanxi jumpy, and Liu Hu was used to walking around all over. Eyes ferocious, Lanxi people have not seen such a ferocious figure, naturally in the back of the discussion. And Liu Hu is used to being serious, and when he talks to people, he is hard. Rude voice, no wonder people misunderstand. However, people's misunderstanding also has the advantage of people's misunderstanding. Yang Lu-sa looks like a goofy playboy. When assigning tasks,industrial racking systems, the other party can't help bargaining, but as long as Liu Hu comes out, there is absolutely no bargaining. kingmoreracking.com


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