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Appreciate green tea expert male protagonist [wear quickly]

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Gary didn't expect to get no support from Gu Wenjing. "Why?" He asked. He still vaguely felt that Gu Wenjing, like Dennis, deliberately did not let him learn to fight, what learned to fight will affect the master, magic and martial arts is the basic configuration of a traverser protagonist. Gu Wenjing did not deliberately hide such a trivial matter from him, saying: "Fighting spirit is a way of cultivating one's own potential, so it will affect the entrance test at the age of 15." Gary didn't take it to heart, what practice is not to squeeze their own potential? Of course, people who don't even have potential can't practice. And he is three years younger than Hall, and he has to wait at least three years before he can take the entrance test of the Mage Academy. If he doesn't practice anything in these three years, he can only watch Hall, the man, soar into the sky! Think of Princess Isabel of Tokaton, the flower of the kingdom, who is already famous at a young age. Princess Isabel also took part in the entrance examination of Eel College this year. Gary looked at Gu Wenjing with a hint of jealousy in his eyes. Noble birth, handsome appearance, outstanding talent, extraordinary strength.. Unexpectedly,Magnesium Sulphate producer, there are so many good luck in love. How can such a tall, rich and handsome man not let Gary, who was an ordinary otaku in his previous life, envy and hate him! How could Gu Wenjing not feel Gary's hidden jealousy of him? A faint sense of boredom rose in his heart. His tone was indifferent: "If you have nothing to do, go back. Dennis and I have told you what to do. If you insist on not listening and insist on fighting with Broad, then you can ask your father to promise you." Gary thought of the Duke of Tulips,Magnesium Sulphate price, and his eyes lit up. Yes, the real master of the Duke's house was the father of the original owner, the Duke of Tulips! He was not like the original Cary, who was still trembling at his father. Wasn't he just a Duke in the old days of another world? Gary had an idea in his mind, but now that the Duke of Tulip had not returned, he pestered Gu Wenjing to ask him about Princess Isabel. Although Gu Wenjing has long learned from the plot that Gary, the traverser, is a whimsical otaku who wants to open the Crystal Palace, he did not expect that he is now targeting Princess Isabel of the Kingdom of Tokaton. You should know that after he dug out the information about Princess Isabel from the memory of the original owner Hall, he knew that Princess Isabel was the king's favorite princess, the kind who had the right to inherit, and was very likely to become a queen of the Kingdom of Tokaton. Such a princess, even aristocratic heirs dare not covet, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Cary, the second son of a Duke, has the courage to fantasize about bringing others into his crystal palace with other beauties? Gu Wenjing could not help but look at Gary in surprise, this is not beautiful, but quite beautiful. Gu Wenjing casually said that he had no contact with Princess Isabel and did not understand her, and sent Gary away. From the beginning to the end, Gary did not realize that Gu Wenjing's attitude towards him was much colder than that of the original Hall, and he was full of fantasies about how he could convince Princess Isabel, the flower of the Kingdom of Tokaton, after his double cultivation of magic and martial arts. In the evening, the Duke of Tulips came back. Gary can't wait to see the Duke of Tulips and ask for permission to practice fighting with the Knight of Broad. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< When the Duke of Tulip learned the purpose of his second son's visit, he was surprised and asked Dennis, "Didn't you tell him about the problem of cultivating fighting spirit?" Although he was very courteous to Brod, the leader of the Golden Knight's guard, in fact, Brod was just one of his guards, and it was impossible for him to have a higher achievement in his life. And Brodeur is already the best of the knights who have cultivated their fighting spirit. Dennis said respectfully, "Duke, I told Master Gary, and Master Hall advised Master Gary, but it's a pity that Master Gary seems to be determined to practice fighting spirit. Maybe Master Gary feels that he has no talent for casting spells." When Duke Tulip heard this, he subconsciously thought about Cary's lack of spellcasting talent.
He once invited a formal mage to help his eldest son, Hall, to simply test his talent. Because Hall was still young and the testing method was relatively simple, he could not test Hall's talent, but the most basic thing that could be confirmed was that Hall must have the talent to become a caster. The Duke of Tulip was so happy that he was nothing compared to a noble mage, even if he was the Duke of Tokaton. If the second son Gary does not have the talent to become a caster, then it is not necessarily a good choice for him to become Hall's guardian knight. After all, the mage apprentice is not as strong as the knight before he becomes a formal caster. If Hall has a brother as a guardian knight to protect him when he is still an apprentice, his personal safety should be more secure. After the Duke of Tulips had such a consideration in his mind, the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea. He had heard that the competition in the wizard Academy was extremely fierce and even life-threatening. So when Gary came to ask the Duke of Tulip to allow him to practice fighting spirit, the Duke of Tulip easily agreed to him, but made a request: "You can practice fighting spirit, and even I can send you some potions to help you improve your strength, but you must become his guardian knight after your brother Hall joins the Eel Academy to protect his safety!" Gary was upset at first. Why should I protect Hall? But then he thought that this was a good opportunity to join the college in advance with Hall and get in touch with the goddess's little sister, so he happily agreed to come down. When Gu Wenjing was told by the Duke of Tulip that he had one more guardian knight, Gary had already followed the Knight of Broad to practice fighting spirit. Surprised, he asked the Duke of Tulips, "But Father,calcium ammonium nitrate price, if Gary had a talent for casting spells.." He did not think that he did not seem to be as strict as the original owner to force Gary not to practice fighting spirit, how to change the life of this time-travel man so quickly? In the plot, Gary holds Hall's thigh and becomes a powerful mage.


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