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Flowing Years Trilogy Part 1 Flower Flowing Years

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Big master said, come over is a legitimate thing, why should we take into account the dignity of nihility? You are so lonely that I feel uneasy. Even if you are full of love and inconvenience, it is always a private matter, not a long way. You come here, sister Xian, you have to come here. I can love you fair and square and take care of you at all times. The second wife said, don't mince words with me, you have your ideas, I have my ideas, I can't help thinking about the baby in my belly, his father should be your brother Jiang Wanxiu! I have become a person who doesn't have a brain. If I follow you so recklessly, I can't be innocent in the future. The second wife's words were not justified, and she knew that there was no innocence between her and the eldest master. The master said, why is this not innocent? As long as your sister-in-law does not object, what kind of thing is not innocent? The eldest master's words were not justified, and the word "innocence" was not directly related to the first wife's decision. The second wife said, you and I can let people say that they are not innocent, but the child is not good, he must be born to be the descendants of the second master Jiang Wanxiu. This is the matter of hiding one's ears and stealing the bell, you do not know, Jiang Wanzhai said, others do not know the truth is,Magnesium Oxide powder, still can be said to be Wanxiu's flesh and blood, what is wrong with this? The second wife said, yes, yellow mud fell into the crotch, not shit is shit, Jiang Wanxiu died, I remarried to the uncle to do the second wife, how can I live up to him? It's all yours inside and outside. I won't go there. What you want to do with me is your business. I'll wait for you. Jiang Wanzhai is very embarrassed, said,Magnesium Sulphate producer, this said not to touch the key link, don't say you have become my person, even if there is no affection with me, I am not the kind of ruthless person? If you don't come over, why do you say so unfeeling! The second wife still said, "I won't go there. For the sake of your dead brother, let me give birth to the baby in my belly smoothly and carry on the family line for Jiang Wanxiu. You know best what's going on. If you want to have feelings for me, let me live a quiet life. If you want to have a son again, as long as there are seeds, all the land will germinate.". As a result, Jiang Wanzhai's plan to take the second wife as the second wife was once again frustrated, but this did not affect his confidence in the prosperity of the Jiang family in Baohe Hall. Jiang Wanzhai stroked the goatee on his chin and said to the first wife, then first accept silk red, although it is a servant girl, but there are still some fineness, is the appearance of Wangfu's son. The first wife did not express any other opinion. She understood what the first master meant by the silky red figure. Of course, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, she meant her bulging chest, thin wasp waist, and round buttocks. This was really the figure of a pregnant son, which was even better than that of her and the second wife. Although Na Sihong's idea of being a concubine came from her own mouth, if she really wanted to be favored by a servant girl, the first wife felt a little uncomfortable, which was somewhat different from the feeling of the second wife. This dead girl has turned into a fox spirit! The first wife scolded Sihong in her heart. As a matter of fact, Jiang Wanzhai noticed that Sihong was completely reminded by the first wife. Jiang Wanzhai took a serious look at the girl who usually looked unremarkable when Sihong served him tea and rice. Then he found Sihong's figure and her smooth and full face. The eldest master was very surprised, and then he thought about it and felt that the reason why he had not discovered that the silk red had grown up in time was entirely because of the second wife. Still some Aura, Jiang Wanzhai said to the first wife, you are also well trained, but she is still a girl in the end, is there something wrong? That's what he said, but the first wife could see that the master had accepted the servant girl in his heart. Get cheap and be good! The first wife said in her heart. She recently found that the big master spoke too falsely on the issue of women, which was very different from before, so she always felt a little uncomfortable, like a loach in the palm of her hand, but she could not hold it tightly. Jiang Wanzhai said this or before the famine, his greatest wish of course is to accept the second wife, because the second wife hit a snag, the big master Jiang Wanzhai temporarily moved his mind to the silk red body.
The first wife said that Sihong had been helping me take care of my loyal son. If she was taken as a child, there would be no maid. The apricot flower was hired out again. Even if it was not hired out, it was a product with two more ears than a mallet. It couldn't stand up to it. It couldn't be without a maid, could it? The first wife's question didn't baffle Jiang Wanzhai. He said, "Let Gao Yaozi go to the Yizhou market to have a look, or entrust him to Duan Si. He has a lot of time to go out and in the mountains, and people are knowledgeable. Be careful, but he's afraid that he can't find two maids."? Moreover, it is not a matter of today and tomorrow morning for Nasihong to be small, and there is no need to act too hastily. The first wife said, "OK, I'll do it according to you, and when I have a servant girl, I'll take the silk red and make it small.". This is a nail in the corner, which is nothing more than delaying some time. At this point, the old man had some feelings. He said that he had been looking at the hustle and bustle of people in the yard all day, but when it came to the use of the convertible roof, he could not count a few, and it was very uncomfortable to think about it. The first wife said, but she was in a hurry. You saw that everyone had something to do, but what did she do? It's just that there are a lot of mouths. As a matter of fact, the first wife had long had an opinion on the phenomenon of Baohe Tang, but she thought that the first master's original idea was also reasonable, so she never dared to complain directly in front of the first master. Now, when she heard the first master mention it, she felt very depressed. She said that she would have to clean up tomorrow and get rid of those idlers who only ate and did nothing. Big master said, wait for the second sister to give birth to say again, also not in this half a time, after all, still brought some popularity, the key is to order the girl. Then,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, the topic returned to the silk red body, but now is to say that the silk red is the advantage of the girl, there is not much picky place. stargrace-magnesite.com


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