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Small words and Lin Yan mind, know the meaning of Lin Yan, immediately urge the Tr energy in the smart watch to gather in the palm, Lin Yan's hands immediately become red. When Lin Yan arrived, Lin Yan had already taken off the clothes on the old man's upper body. Seeing the heat from his red palms, Lin Yan no longer hesitated and pressed his hands on the old man's ribs. At this time, Xiao Yan also cooperated with the Tr energy in the smart watch, using the arm as a medium, into the body of the elderly. The old man's body suddenly shook, and when people thought that the old man's illness was more severe and began to rebound, the old man's body began to calm down, and the spasm of the whole body was slightly curbed, which meant that Tr energy began to enter the neurons of the old people's mind, suppressing the excessive discharge of neurons. The bite force in the old man's mouth also tended to ease up. Lin Chong was shocked to see Lin Yan's hands wandering on the acupoints of the old man's withered upper body, muttering to himself, "Is this the legendary Taoist internal skill? Put the internal skill into the body's hundred acupoints, with special techniques, to the point of treating patients." Lin Chong today is a long experience, think of that matter, the heart can not help but rise a glimmer of hope, this is an opportunity. In order to pretend to be more like a little, Lin Yan also congealed sweat beads on his forehead because of'overwork '. When Lin Yan was just preparing to release Tr energy assistance from his smart watch, he suddenly remembered that if he pressed his hands on the old man without a trace of strange performance, the old man's epilepsy would stop breaking out, which was too incredible. In order to avoid making people suspicious, he exposed the existence of his smart watch. Lin Yancai made this appearance, which made people mistakenly think that it was the combination of internal strength and acupoint pressing that played a role in the old man's illness. Meier was picked up by the driver, who was trying to ask Meier for her family's phone number. While the driver dialed the phone, poor Meier clapped her hands and laughed when she saw Grandpa stop twitching. "Grandpa is getting better, Grandpa is getting better." The old man was treated at the scene. Some passers-by had already gathered around. Seeing that the old man's body was no longer twitching and gradually quieted down,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, everyone clapped their hands and cheered. They saw Lin Yan's magical hands and rubbed them casually, which brought the old man back to life. Some people took out their mobile phones to take pictures and thought about sharing them on the Internet. However, one of the men went in the opposite direction, sending out a faint voice of disdain, "Don't watch. The old man is Tuo, deliberately pretending. This man is so young, how can he practice any internal skills? The red hands must be smeared with volatile chemicals, in order to deceive you, ask him to come to the door for treatment, and take the opportunity to charge high fees." "You are the bad man, my brother is the good man, the good man who saved Grandpa." Meier couldn't help saying. Children have learned to lie. Don't look at it. These people are all liars. The man continued to make his own decisions and said with certainty. In order to stabilize the old man's illness, Lin Yan slowly transmitted Tr energy with both hands, and had no time to talk to him. Although Lin Chong saw that the old man no longer shut up, he did not dare to slack off. He had to do his best, and for a while he could not spare time to talk to the annoying man. At this time, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the incident had come to this point, when it was over, the calm old man's body suddenly twitched, and then his whole body shook crazily again. Xiao Xiaoyan, what's going on? Isn't he getting better? Lin Yan urgently sent back his mind. The crowd of onlookers also exclaimed, could it be that Lin Yan's internal strength had a conflict, which led to the spread of the old man's illness, and his heart was hanging tightly. Look, look, this old man is acting again in order to make you fall for it. Don't look at it. Let's disperse quickly. Believe me, it's not wrong. The man said again, unwilling to be lonely. Fuck off Lin Yan finally can not bear the man in the side like myna chatter, there is no end, like a bitch, delayed the treatment of the elderly, he is not happy.
Lin Chong looked at the man. What Lin Yan thought was what he thought in his heart. Originally, in order to save the old man, he was already nervous enough and had butterflies in his stomach. As a result, the man kept making sarcastic remarks. He was not calm enough. As soon as his impetuous state of mind came up, he immediately sent him a serious warning look. Seeing Lin Chong's 1.8-meter-tall stature and Lin Yan's angry eyes, the man shrank his neck and squeezed into the crowd. He watched silently without saying a word, but secretly thought that more people would come to expose your fraud later. Humph. Xiaoyan then sent back the message, "This is a rebound, but it doesn't matter, just continue to input Tr energy, hands do not leave his body." "Oh." Hearing Xiaoyan's reply, Lin Yan was so calm that his hands slowly swam and squeezed in several big holes of the old man's body. Sure enough, after the violent rebound, the old man's body stabilized again under the treatment of Tr energy. In order to prevent the rebound again, Lin Yan continued to input Tr energy for three minutes until the old man heard a gentle snoring sound before releasing his hands. Lin Yan breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Xiao Yan, how much Tr energy has been wasted?" "Five percent." Lin Yan said with a smile, "compared with a life, it's not much." Small words did not answer, secretly melancholy, "if not before the upgrade, Tr energy waste is 25%, do not see the heart hurt you." Lin Yancai remembered that Lin Chong was still holding the old man's mouth, so he said, "Lin Chong, the old man's epilepsy has stopped, and it will be OK when the ambulance comes." Lin Chong loosened his hands and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. The driver put down Meier, who ran to Grandpa with a smile and said to Lin Yan with a smile, "Thank you, Big Brother, for saving my Grandpa. Big Brother is the best person in the world." "Oh." Lin Yan is ashamed. He doesn't deserve to be the best person in the world, but he is a child. At this time, a middle-aged couple squeezed into the crowd with an anxious look on their faces. The woman rushed to the encirclement and picked up Meier. At the same time,brushed stainless steel sheet, she watched her father-in-law's illness and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that nothing had happened. The middle-aged man was more direct, and when he reached the old man, he had to lift his body and send it to the hospital.


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